Wood cooking pellets. Cooking beef spare ribs.

Wood Cooking Pellets

wood cooking pellets

    wood cooking
  • The choice and combination of woods burned result in different flavors imparted to the meat. Woods commonly selected for their flavor include mesquite, hickory, maple, cherry, pecan, apple and oak. Woods to avoid include conifers.

  • A small mass of bones and feathers regurgitated by a bird of prey or other bird

  • (pellet) a small sphere

  • A piece of small shot or other lightweight bullet

  • A small, rounded, compressed mass of a substance

  • (pellet) shot: a solid missile discharged from a firearm; "the shot buzzed past his ear"

  • (Pellet (air gun)) An air gun pellet is, for the most part, a non-spherical projectile designed to be fired from an air gun. But this is not always the case.

Winter at home

Winter at home

Winter at home means cyclamens on the window ledge and firewood ready for the stove. Cyclamen is my mother's favourite winter flower.
Since few years ago I finally won a battle, letting my parents buy a stove. It's not a traditional stove, but it works with true wood, not with those silly pellets. The reason why I wanted a stove is that I like it. Now, during the whole winter, 8/10 of the house heating is done by that stove. Each autumn I buy some 3000 kilos of firewood, and that's enough for our mild winter climate. Most of the heating is actually natural, as the house has large front windows, looking south, and there are no trees close to the house, so that when the Sun is shining, the temperature rapidly rises. The only use we make of methane is 1 hour of heating in the morning (6 am - 7 am) and to cook. But when the stove is lit, we use to keep a kettle on it, so that we have always boiling water for a tea, or to start cooking pasta or macarons (italians call them gnocchi, they are not maccheroni). Every soup, cooked to be eaten during two or more days, is heated on the stove before dinner. This turned out in a significative decrease in annual methane expense, and it is the reason why I don't fear when those people up there in Russia close the gas tap.

Pellet Posy

Pellet Posy

Scientific Name: Amplus nutrio

Family: Pellet Weed

Olimar's Notes:
In the stem of the pellet posy, one can observe the muscle fiber unique to half-plant, half-animal species such as the Pikmin and candypop flowers, so the pellet posy is a species that can be considered a close relative. Although the ability to crystallize nectar is unique to a small group of the pellet weed family, the fact that these plants reach maturity so quickly and that their pellets contain such high concentrations of the natural nutrients in the soil explains why the Pikmin and so many of the other indigenous species are so reliant on these pellets for sustenance.

Louie's Notes:
On the quest for the perfect hors d'oeuvre? Slow cook this plant in a wood-fire oven, but be careful to only serve the tender pellet.

Original concept and design of the plants © 2001-2011 Nintendo.

Photo and Creation © 2011 Filip Johannes Felberg

Olimar and Louie's Notes © Nintendo

wood cooking pellets

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