Cooking Turkey In Roaster

cooking turkey in roaster

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DSC 0157

DSC 0157

Here's the ultimate turkey roaster on the one burner stove. Camp Chef sells both products. We put about 1/4 cup of oil in the bottom of the roaster, impaled the bird on the iron prong, put on the lid and turned on the heat. The bird cooked about 2 hours, which is a little longer because we took the lid off several times to show folks the product, and the bird. Below the roaster is a one burner stove, also Camp Chef

Golden-brown and Delicious

Golden-brown and Delicious

This was the first of two turkeys. We cooked it the night before Thanksgiving. The heritage birds don't get so big so we ended up with two 13 pounders for 16 people. We were going to cook one in the roaster and one in the oven, but the turkeys were too upright to fit in the roaster. So we just made one the night before. It worked out well.

cooking turkey in roaster

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